General Information


Enrollment and Tuition

In order to enroll, the parent/guardian of the child must submit to the front desk the completed Registration and Release form along with the full session tuition or full monthly tuition payment with the auto debit agreement and a credit card on file.

Parents have two choices for payment:

Option 1: Payment in Full: Upon signing up your child for the session, a full payment will be made at the time of registration; no exceptions. If payment is not made in full, your child will not be registered for the session.

Option 2: Monthly Tuition: If you choose the monthly tuition option, you will be charged as follows:

  • 8-week sessions - Two tuition charges will be made; the initial charge will cover the first four weeks of the session, while the second charge will cover the last four weeks of the session.
  • 9-week sessions - Two tuition charges will be made; the initial charge will cover the first four weeks of the session, while the second charge will cover the final five weeks of the session.

If your family chooses the monthly tuition option, the first tuition installment is due in full at the time of registration. A credit card will be kept on account. Once the second month of classes is posted (usually during week four of the session) your family will be given the chance to pay the tuition on their own. If tuition is not paid by the Monday of the fifth week of the session, you will be charged a 10% late fee and we will notify you of the balance due. If tuition is not paid in full by the next class, your child will be dropped from enrollment and will lose their spot in class.

Once your child is registered for a session, tuition is due regardless of attendance.

Please keep in mind that choosing the Monthly Tuition option does not mean that you are choosing to sign up for the session on a month-to-month basis; this is only a schedule of payment. Your family is still committing to paying for the full tuition due for the session.

When registering your child for a class, you understand that you are registering for a specific day and time.  You may not interchange class times or days. (Example: Turtles meets on Monday at 4 and Tuesday at 5, you cannot go to Monday's class one week and Tuesday's class the next.  If you would like to do this, you must register for both classes so that we can hold your child's spot in both classes.)


Students will be dropped from enrollment if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the staff, program, and/or student(s). Students will also be dropped from enrollment after three (3) consecutive no-shows with no contact from parent/guardian. Parent/guardian will be responsible for any unpaid tuition up to and including the three (3) consecutive missed classes.

This also includes when we must close due to inclement weather.  We will not issue credits/refunds for weather closings.

Registration Fee

When we first purchased the business in 2015, we were told that every gym charged a registration fee, which was used to cover several different legitimate charges and expenses incurred by the gym. Although justifiable, we struggled over whether or not to require this fee. We have decided that we do not believe in charging people a fee to do business with us, so we will no longer be charging this fee to our customers.


Tax will be charged on merchandise sales and for special events as these do not fall under the definition of a "tuition-based class" in accordance with Missouri law.

Payment Options

River Bend Gymnastics accepts cash, personal checks, and debit/credit cards. There is a $35 fee on all returned checks; this fee must be paid prior to the student's next class. We will also offer a parent portal through JackRabbit Class, which is the #1 gym management program in the nation.


Discounts apply to tuition fees only.

  • 10% Military Discount (This applies to those on active duty & veterans. You will be asked to present your military ID.)
  • 10% Educators Discount (This applies to anyone that works in a school district. You will be asked to present your district ID.)
  • Family Discount on each additional child. The first child's tuition will be full price. Each additional child's tuition will be discounted.
  • 20% off tuition on additional class for the same child; cannot be used with any other discounts.

River Bend Gymnastics reserves the right to deny discounting at anytime for any reason.  Military & Educators discount will not and can not be combined.

Class Cancellation

River Bend Gymnastics reserves the right to add, combine, or cancel classes as enrollment demands.


Student Transfer

Families may request one class transfer within a session for cause. Any additional transfers will be charged an administrative fee and must be evaluated.

Minimum Age Requirement

Children must meet the minimum age of the program within four (4) weeks of the session start date unless special approval is granted by the coaching staff.


A leotard is preferred for girls. A t-shirt with leggings, sweatpants, or fitted gym shorts that allow freedom of movement are also acceptable. Boys are required to wear gym shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt. Jeans or pants with zippers, buttons, or snaps are not allowed. All students must remove socks and shoes before stepping onto the gym floor.

Hair must be pulled back and secured with soft accessories in a ponytail or bun during class times. No jewelry is allowed while participating in class. All street clothes and shoes should be left in the cubbies located inside the entrance to the gym. No street shoes are allowed on the gym floor. Valuables should be left at home. River Bend Gymnastics is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.


In order to ensure your child is warmed up properly, please arrive on time to your scheduled class. Children should be dropped off no more than ten (10) minutes early and picked up immediately after class. Please caution your child to wait inside the building.


We encourage parents to observe their children as they participate in our programs. We have a specially designated waiting/viewing area available for this purpose. We ask that you observe quietly and in a courteous manner; please do not interrupt class or enter the gym floor. We need the undivided attention of your child and their fellow participants. Please refrain from talking to your child while they are in class. Although you may feel that it is helpful to call out words of encouragement or offer hints to your child, this can potentially distract your child's attention, or the attention of other children or coaches, which could lead to injury.

Due to the guardianship agreements of some of our customers, we ask that you refrain from taking photographs and videos during class time. You may speak to the front desk, or the coach before or after class to take a picture or video of your child at a separate time, but not during class time. River Bend Gymnastics is the only entity that has express written permission to take photographs and videos of children on the gym floor.

Make-Up Policy

(Maximum of 2 per session)

Make-ups are for recreational classes only and do not fall under competitive team contracts. A maximum of two (2) make-ups will be allowed per session, and only during the session in which the classes were missed. NO CREDITS/REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR CLASSES MISSED. Make-ups will only be granted if prior notice of the absence was provided to the office. Make-ups will not be granted for no-shows.

Due to abuse of our former policy, we will no longer schedule make-ups during our weekly classes.

Classes that are one (1) hour or more are eligible for the Open Gym Make-Up Pass. After you notify the front desk of your absence, report to the front desk and they will present you with an Open Gym Make-Up Pass. Open gym is one full hour during which children can practice their skills and have fun exploring our gymnastics equipment. While these sessions are supervised, individual and group instruction is not offered during Open Gym. Coaches are available for assistance. Check with the front desk for the current Open Gym schedule. You must have a make-up pass to be admitted into Open Gym at no cost. Passes are valid for one year and are transferable to other students, but only if you visit the front desk to arrange the transition. Open Gym is for both students and non-students.

Classes that are 45 minutes or less will have scheduled make-up classes on the calendar. Make-ups will only be available for these classes. Make-ups must be scheduled in advance so that classes do not become overcrowded.


Class Advancement

Coaches evaluate students' progress during the last 2-3 weeks of each session. Your child may advance to the next level when skill sets have been mastered. Coaches will inform parents of class advancements.

Inclement Weather

River Bend Gymnastics will generally follow the Waynesville School District inclement weather policy. If school is closed due to the inclement weather or road conditions prove hazardous, we will be closed. Make-ups (if applicable) will be scheduled for missed classes in as timely a manner as possible.  There will be no credits/refunds given for weather closings. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that we may not ALWAYS follow Waynesville School Districts' weather policies and may decide to hold class despite poor weather. Please check your email or visit our Facebook and/or website for information regarding potential or confirmed closings. We will do our best to provide timely information on both sites and via email. You may try calling the gym for information, but if weather prevents us from entering the building our message will not accurately reflect a closing or cancellation of the day's session(s).


We offer a 100% money back guarantee after your first class.

  • If you have registered your child for a class and find that your child is not interested, not a good fit, or the class is in some other way just not for them after their first full session, we will refund the session fee if we cannot find a better fit for your child.

We will evaluate a refund based on an injury.

  • If your child should sustain an injury, whether at RBG or from a non-gym-related activity, you will be asked to provide a doctor's note indicating the nature of the injury and diagnosis or recommendations regarding physical activity. We will then work with you to determine the refund.

Should you choose to pull your child from a class during a session and request a refund...

  • Although this is something that we hope never happens, we understand that sometimes life throws us a curve ball. If you choose to remove your child from a class within the first three (3) weeks of a session, we will provide a refund of the session fee minus the cost of each class attended. After the first three (3) weeks of class, we cannot refund any fees unless extenuating circumstances occur. We will evaluate such situations individually.

Food and Drinks

No gum, food, or drink is permitted on the gym floor, but water bottles may be kept on the shelf by our parent waiting area.  Most classes allow time for drink breaks.  We prefer that bottles contain water in case of spills.  If you bring a snack for your child, please keep the food item(s) in the waiting area and help to keep our space neat and tidy by properly disposing of trash.  


Trial Class

We are happy to offer new families a trial class so that they can try out our program and make sure that it is the right fit for them.  Trial classes are $10.00 for a class that is not full and that your child would meet all the minimum requirements for.  If you decide not to register, there is no refund of the $10.00 fee. If you do register, the $10.00 fee will be credited towards your session tuition.  *Discounts do not apply to trial classes.